In a CBS radio interview, Lou Dorfsman discusses the creation of the Gastrotypographicalassemblage.

History & Mission

Established during 2007, The Center for Design Study is a not-for-profit foundation, which actively promotes and supports all forms of thoughtfully applied design. The Center believes in the power of design to inspire, persuade, alter beliefs, lead to new ideas and create consequential, sustainable change. To enrich intellectual dialogues and educational efforts surrounding design, the Center provides an inclusive environment where the design conversation can flourish. Both an ideal and physical place, the Center is continuously evolving, shaped and reshaped by all who support, engage and contribute.

The Center is currently devoted to preserving an icon of American design, the Gastrotypographicalassemblage. To learn more about how you can support the Center and its initiatives, please visit the donation section of this web site.


The Center for Design Study promotes and supports all forms of intelligently applied design. The Center is currently focused on the restoration of the Gastrotypographicalassemblage, but the Center will entertain other projects that mirror its values and interest in advancing the design conversation.

Restoration of the Gastrotypographicalassemblage

The Center for Design Study is devoted to the preservation and restoration of one of design's most significant artifacts, the Gastrotypographicalassemblage.The creative vision of the legendary CBS art director and designer, Lou Dorfsman, the Gastrotypographicalassemblage is the largest, modern typographic artifact in existence. For years, the Gastrotypographicalasemblage was a fixture within the CBS cafeteria, but after being unceremoniously removed by CBS during the 1990s, this icon remained in storage for years, the salvaged panels slowly deteriorating.

Working closely with Lou Dorfsman and Nick Fasciano, the Center has assumed responsibility for the Wall's preservation, including its restoration, maintenance and exhibition. When restored, this significant piece of American design history will be a tool for education and expanded awareness, illustrating the value of thoughtfully applied design. Visit the web site in the future to learn more about the Gastrotypographicalassemblage and its importance to design or download a one-page flier about the restoration of the Gastrotypographicalassemblage.

Public Forums and Seminars

The Center promotes, sponsors and endorses the advancement of design through public forums, lectures, workshops, study groups and seminars. By facilitating the assembly of professional, private and public organizations, the Center is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment in which the design conversation can flourish. The Center is also the permanent home for the Atlanta chapter of the AIGA.

Online and Print Publishing

The Center believes in the value of advancing the design dialogue through publishing. Through editorial voice and substance, including periodicals, reports and documents that reflect different, constructive points of view, the Center supports the advancement of the design conversation.

Financial Grants and Scholarships

Through a board of advisors, the Center will entertain requests and allocate funding to individuals and groups who are pursuing projects that mirror the Center's values. Additionally, in the future, the Center will fund academic advancement in design through a scholarship program.

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